Sand Bathing!

I’m loving it here in the Maldives….it’s my 2nd day on the island….and oh life is great!

Soaking up the sun but only laying out 10 minutes each side so I don’t burn and to keep my skin looking good 😉

Have to be sun safe!

For my swimsuit, I’m wearing a vintage 1970s bathing suit! I love vintage.

Get my look below:

Bathing suit – there was only one but visit her Etsy account as she sells vintage Barbie swimwear and there’s a green & white stripped one available.

Blue Hat – Get on Amazon with other amazing Barbie clothes

Sandals: I had these custom made…they are SO cute! Send the guy a picture of them and I’m sure he can make them for you.

White Sunglasses: They sell many different types on Etsy or you can buy my exact ones by clicking on the link.

Starfish: Bought a pack of starfish in the sticker isle of the scrapbooking stickers in Michael’s.


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